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  • 09/17/2020 7:57 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    The September Trades Connection is available HERE. 

  • 09/11/2020 9:40 AM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    Webinar: Leading Forward - Workplace Controversies

    When? Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. CST

    What?  In this webinar, we will address key issues such as returning to work after a pandemic-related shutdown or slow down; adjusting to the shift to remote work; workplace violence and weapons issues; and how to avoid unexpected risks of discrimination claims as your organization navigates the impact of social justice issues and the pandemic on its workforce and customers.  We will provide practical tips you can use today to lead from the front and reduce risk.


  • 09/08/2020 9:46 AM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

     Service World Expo Free Virtual Trade Show

    Sept 22-24, 2020


    Service World Expo is making a major pivot, company officials announced. The show is still on, but based on the responses of a survey of prior attendees the show will not be physical. It will be virtual, but a different kind of virtual, powered by incredibly robust and creative software. Imagine Service World Expo as a video game.

    "In 2020, people have become so accustomed to virtual meetings that they are now boring, passé," said Service Roundtable president, Matt Michel. "That will not be the case with Service World. This will not be a glorified webinar. It is not another Zoom call. It is a true virtual event. As such, it will be virtually unlimited. It will be science fiction virtual. It will be like something you would expect from a video game or from a movie. It will be unlike any virtual show seen in the service trades to date. Service World Expo is making a major investment to bring contractors and exhibitors the industry's most exciting event in 2020."

    Each day will start with a general session and a keynote speaker. The keynotes are Phoenix contractor Lou Hobaica; motivational speaker, Kevin Brown; and Service Roundtable president, Matt Michel. Breakouts follow the general session. The trade show follows breakouts. The same speakers who were lined up for breakouts in the physical show will give the breakouts for the virtual event. Each speaker will go to a virtual room after the presentation to answer questions.

    The trade show will blow attendees away. A number of booths will be able to use virtual reality and augmented reality. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in one of these booths and get a 360-degree panorama. They will be able to see products in three dimensions and walk around them, just like a real show.

    Click here for More info and to Register

  • 09/08/2020 9:17 AM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

     Interested in saving an average of 15% or more on your facility's energy costs? Join Consumers Energy experts to learn how by enrolling in Retro-Commissioning Programs. These programs include several offerings designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, often at little to no cost.

    Every building uses energy uniquely. Retro-Commissioning Programs aim to find your building's hidden energy saving potential through free assessments. During the assessment, our experts uncover energy waste reduction opportunities and give you an actionable plan to reduce energy and save money.

    Our teams will support you every step of the way to help your facility reopen safely by following ASHRAE (industry standard) guidelines all while saving your business energy and money. Additionally, Consumers Energy is offering bonus incentives for a short time, which further serves to help in these uncertain times.

    Webinar Purpose: To educate contractors and trade allies on the new RCx offering, Building Tune Up, review the other RCx programs (Facility IQ and Defined Actions), and review the bonus incentives available (now extended through October 31, 2020).

    Webinar Presenters: Audrey Ewen, Building Tune-Up; John Nametz, Facility IQ and Defined Actions; Kevin Coleman, technical Q&A.

    Sep 16, 2020 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

  • 08/28/2020 1:23 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)


    COMMITTEE:                    Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform

    DATE:                                   Tuesday, September 1, 2020

    TIME:                                   3:00 p.m.

    LOCATION:                        Harry T. Gast Appropriations Room
    3rd Floor, Capitol Building
    100 S. Capitol Avenue
    Lansing, MI 48933

    CONTACT:                          Mike Sitkauskas, Committee Clerk
    (517) 373-5314


    HB 4686  Rep. Berman           Gaming; casinos; removal of name from disassociated persons list; allow.

    HB 5339  Rep. Webber           State financing and management; escheats; access to certain unclaimed property account information and distribution of certain unclaimed property to locators; modify.

    HB 5340  Rep. Byrd               State financing and management; escheats; contracts with certain locators; modify.

    HB 5602  Rep. Wakeman       Construction; permits; low-voltage electric fence requirements; modify.

    SB 986     Sen. McBroom       Occupations; construction; individuals allowed to engage in business or act in capacity of residential builder without a license; expand.

    SB 827     Sen. Victory           Occupations; mechanical contractors; minimum experience requirement to take written license examination; modify.

    SB 1057   Sen. VanderWall    Medical marihuana; licenses; proof of financial responsibility criteria; modify.

    SB 1058   Sen. Wojno             Medical marihuana; other; references to medical marihuana licensing board; replace with marijuana regulatory agency.

    And any other business properly before the committee.

    Due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), audience seating will be extremely limited. We encourage individuals who attend meetings to take precautionary measures and practice safe social distancing. For those wishing to present their positions/testimony, written statements are encouraged and can be submitted to the committee clerk prior to meetings at Please contact the committee clerk with any additional questions.

  • 08/12/2020 12:36 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    MIACCA would like to inform our members of this important Citation Implementation Notice from Keith Lambert, Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes:

    August 11, 2020 

    The Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) would like to provide you with advance notice that it will begin implementing its authority to issue citations in accordance with MCL 339.553 and MCL 339.5537 to maintain compliance with the Occupational Code, 1980 PA 299, and the Skilled Trades Regulation Act, 2016 PA 407.  Individuals licensed/registered as building officials, inspectors, plan reviewers, residential builders, maintenance & alteration contractors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, and boiler tradesmen may be subject to a citation being issued. 

    Effective October 1, 2020, a BCC team member may issue a citation to a person that is licensed under 1980 PA 299, or 2016 PA 407, or required to hold a license or certificate under these acts if staff observes from an investigation, inspection, or complaint that conduct or conditions exist or have existed that violate these acts or rules promulgated or orders issued under these acts.  Please be advised that citations will not be issued for violations of the code as there are existing remedies to resolve code deficiencies. 

    The following are a list of violations subject to a citation being issued along with a brief description of conduct or conditions observed, and individuals that may be subject to the citation being issued: 

    Lack of Identification

    Conduct/condition:  No proof of licensure and government-issued photo identification.

    Individuals:  Anyone required to be licensed under 2016 PA 407, specifically: building officials, inspectors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, and boiler tradesmen. 

    No Permit Status

    Conduct/condition:  No documentation of permit where required before work commences.

    Individuals:  Anyone required to be licensed under 1980 PA 299, or 2016 PA 407, specifically: building officials, inspectors, electricians, plumbers, mechanical contractors, residential builders, maintenance & alteration contractors, and boiler tradesmen. 

    Unregistered Apprentice

    Conduct/condition:  Non-licensed individual on worksite assisting with electrical or plumbing work.

    Individuals: Anyone required to be registered under 2016 PA 407, specifically: apprentice electricians and apprentice plumbers. 

    Operation of a Boiler Without a Valid Certificate

    Conduct/condition:  Boiler found operating with a certificate blocking violation and existing code deficiencies that are not corrected.

    Individuals:  Anyone responsible for the boiler. 

    Any citation issued will include actions required for compliance along with the payment of a fine not to exceed $100.00 for each violation.  Please note that a citation can either be accepted or contested within 30 days of issuance.  If you have any questions concerning this notification, please contact us at 517-241-9302 or

    We sincerely appreciate your attention and any concerns you may have regarding this matter.


    Keith Lambert, Director

    Bureau of Construction Codes

  • 08/11/2020 10:29 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    Cyber Risk Management Webinar

    When? Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. CST

    What?  Hardly a day goes by that we don't hear about a security breach or incident involving the loss of sensitive data to outside influence or "hackers." We will discuss several layers of risk management that could or should be implemented to reduce a business's exposure, as well as coverage options available to transfer this risk to an insurance carrier. Cyber-crime is the fastest growing and most dynamic exposure in business today and we'll address strategies to minimize the risk.

    What you will learn:

    • Data breach and cyber-crime trends, statistics and costs
    • Business responsibility pertaining to data breaches and cyber intrusions
    • Common data security concerns
    • Risk management best practices and insurance solutions

    Register for Webinar

  • 08/10/2020 11:05 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    Please see the below public notice of hearing from the Bureau of Construction Codes.  You may view the proposed changes to Part 9a Mechanical Code on the MIACCA website by  Clicking Here.



    Part 9a. Mechanical Code (ORR# 2019-131 LR)

    The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes, will hold a public hearing on the amendments for the Part 9a. Mechanical Code.  The public hearing will be held virtually using Zoom on August 27, 2020, at 9:00 am.  Currently, Executive Order 2020-154 is in effect to provide temporary authorization of remote participation in public meetings to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by participating social-distancing measures and continues through September 8, 2020.

    The amendments of the Part 9 a. Mechanical Code are proposed to take effect 120 days after filing with the Secretary of State.  The proposed rule set (2019-131 LR) will adopt by reference the 2018 edition of the International Mechanical Code (IMC) with amendments, deletions, and additions deemed necessary for use in Michigan.  The 2018 edition of the International Mechanical Code is based on mechanical principals used in mechanical codes across the country.  The Part 9a. Mechanical Code also includes rules that amend the IMC to address mechanical practices that are specific to Michigan and that delete those requirements in the IMC that do not pertain to Michigan. 

    The proposed rules will be published in the August 15, 2020, Michigan Register.  You may download a free copy of the proposed amendments by visiting the Bureau's website at

    Oral comments may be presented in-person over Zoom on August 27, 2020.  Whether a public meeting is held in-person or remotely, written comments can always be submitted by email no later than 5:00 p.m., August 27, 2020 to

    All members of the public may attend and participate in this meeting by visiting the following link or dialing the number below at the time of the meeting.  If you would like to speak at the meeting, please email with your name and who you are representing by August 26, 2020, so an attendance list for the speakers can be made.

    Web Link:

    Phone Number: (877) 873-8017

    When prompted, please enter the following Password / Conference Code: 109987.

    The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m.  All participants may access the meeting at the above web link or phone number 15 minutes before it begins.


    Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    Bureau of Construction Codes

    Administrative Services Division

    Telephone (517) 582-5519

  • 08/04/2020 3:57 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    Many utilities have submitted their 2019 VAPS annual reports to the Michigan Public Service Commission.  Visit the MIACCA Code of Conduct Page to review reports submitted by DTE,Consumers Energy and Michigan Gas Utility.  As more reports become available, we will post them on on our page.

  • 08/04/2020 3:55 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

    Energy Rebates that are easy to process and drive more sales! 

    Consumers Energy is accepting new distributors to participate in their Business Instant Discount Program to provide rebates over the counter at time of sale.  Participating distributors will also qualify to earn large bonus incentives (up to $30,000/qtr for Gas Measures and $70,000/qtr for Electric Measures) and other rewards programs available for limited time. 

    Click here for brochure listing currently available incentives.  To enroll or inquire further, contact Todd Lohenry 517-512-0144 ( or Brandon Scott 517-243-1070 (

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