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October 2018


For our Membership, MIACCA has been Super Busy and all over Michigan!

Marshall Plan

We continue to meet with the Grand Rapids Schools, Lansing Community Schools, the Livingston County Schools, Wayne County Schools and others, to collaborate and partner with their programs.

  •   The State has rolled out a program to help fund the Skilled Trades & Education of the same.

  •   They have money from several departments to assist in paying tuition for your technicians.

  •   They have money available to assist you in hiring interested entry level HVACR apprentices.

  •   They have funds available to promote the Skilled Trades to the Counselors, Students & Parents.

  •   They are asking Employer Associations such as MIACCA, to collaborate with K-12 Schools.

  •   They want MIACCA to assist in developing Early Collegeopportunities for 11th & 12th graders.

  •   They are asking MIACCA to commit to hiring young persons into the trade, as helpers.

  •   They are asking us to hire Interns and to develop Apprentices to Journeymen, in HVACR.

  •   We are very engaged with their programs for the HVAC Industry to help you to build your team.

    HVACR Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians & Support Staff

  •   We continue working on creating a Competency Based, Stackable Module Educational Program

  •   We are working with the established outlines of ACCA, NATE, NCCER,RSES & other programs.

  •   Do you need help, with what skill sets, what competency levels, what certifications, if any???

  •   What area schools or programs are near you and worth working with? Please let us know!


  •   MIACCA hosted a very well received Fall BBQ and skill oriented event, at Ferris State University.

  •   MIACCA put out a great meal and entertained roughly 80 Students, Professors & FSU guests.

  •   We had a crane and taught the HVACR students the basics of crane signals, rigging & hoisting.

  •   We had an articulating man lift and put The Dawgsin harnesses, up in the air and working it.

  •   FSU / MIACCA members had a blast, did things that they never have before, had fun & learned.

  •   We ended the day gathering indoors, with a generous tool raffle & everyone left a winner!

  •   MIACCA met with the Howell, Mott Community College instructors at their area campus.

  •   They wish for us to get involved and to send our employees to their basic HVACR program.

  •   This is a great opportunity for you to enlighten your support teams and new hires.

  •   Their outline has been sent out separately for you to examine, please do so and support it!

  •   The demographics of our members, places many of us near their campus located at M59 & I96.

  •   MIACCA met with the Henry Ford College President and we plan to expand MIACCA there also. We have a new President that is serious about developing a stronger Skilled Trades program. If your shop and activities are local to SE Michigan, please let us know how we may help and what HFC could best do for you as an employer. They want your input & you to hire students!

  •   MIACCA set up an appointment to meet with the Students of Lansing Community College.

  •   In October, we will begin distributing and discussing our MIACCA ductulators, on campus.

  •   Do you know how to use one, does your team? Most system problems are air flow deficient.

  •   Please join us, come learn the trade and become a better quality contractor, its what we do!

    MIACCAs, Phil Forner taught Boiler CSD-1 class at Young Supply in Troy and will have another one soon. Does your crew know how to properly perform annual CSD-1 boiler inspections profitably & safely???

  •   Get involved, give us some feed back, what is good, what needs to be different or improved?

  •   How can we help and be a better MIACCA, for you, your team and the HVACR industry?

  •   We will soon host a Regional Member / Student meeting at your local HVACR school.

  •   Please join us, meet and possibly hire your next helper / Intern.

  •   The Students want entry level jobs and MIACCA employers have them.

  •   We are the HVACR Subject Matter Experts, make no mistake about it and step up with us.

  •   Be a good role model, you get more back when you invest in your team and the Industry.

    Education does not cost very much and it pays dividends exponentially in countless ways.

    It is far better than the alternative of perpetuating the misery of running a business with an ignorant, unskilled crew and support staff.

    OTJ learning must be balanced with class room theory to develop Professional Skilled Tradesmen.

    Respectfully submitted:
    Michael L. Cain: President, Michigan Engineered Comfort Corporation

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