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Statewide Mechanical Permit Moving Forward

07/24/2020 4:11 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

The Construction Code Commission (CCC) met on July 22, 2020, and MIACCA's proposed statewide permit was on the agenda and discussed.  MIACCA's Executive Director once again advocated the need for the CCC to prescribe the form on which all permits are to be applied for while allowing each authority having jurisdiction to set their own fees.  The CCC and the Bureau of Construction Codes (Bureau) acknowledged the Director Hawks' response to MIACCA's Request for Declaratory Ruling on this subject; which indicated that the CCC has the statutory authority to prescribe such permit forms.  After much discussion the CCC has decided to start the process of coming up with statewide permit forms by asking for feedback from stakeholders and municipalities.  The Bureau made an initial suggestion to include the statewide permit forms as part of the upcoming code change cycles in 2020-2021. MIACCA would like more detail on how to include permit forms with the new codes when the CCC needs to approve the permit forms and the Director adopts the new codes.

MIACCA will be following the progress of this very closely as we are strong advocates of having a uniformed mechanical permit form across the state for our contractors.

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