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MIACCA attended the Board of Boiler Rules meeting on April 2, 2019.

04/24/2019 12:35 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

The meeting addressed:

Election of officers:

Chair: James Lewis

Vice Chair: Michael Horton

Secretary: Ryan Randazzo

Skilled Trades Regulatory Act (STRA): Keith Lambert, Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes addressed the board.  The original draft rules have been rescinded and they will start over.  The board asked to be included moving forward  and how many months before it is expected to have new set of rules in place.  Keith stated that the process that they rolled out going from a 40 week time frame to 15 or 16 weeks trying to cut the process in half  Keith hopes that the State will no longer take 2 years to get something into legislation, and they are trying to cut it in half to be no more than one year before things are adopted.  Keith asked if the board would like to create a sub-committee to work on rules but they decided they would all like to look at it as a whole instead.  

Keith indicated that out of the 187 complaints they received only 1 was followed through with due to lack of documentation and information provided in the complaints.  

Other Business: Consumers and DTE are still working with House Rep. Jim Lilly to amend the STRA. One of the main items is allowing a longer inspection extension.  Board of Director, Garrett Jackson, from Consumers Energy will give the board a copy of the changes when they are complete. 

Question about how to enforce fines to the owner who has had a boiler shut down or red tagged but the owner turns it back on.  In the rules not act it says you must have certificate to operate a boiler pointing to penalty in the 1965 law which was rescinded but gives jail time and fines for violations as such.  The Skilled Trades Act does have additional sanctioning directed a licenses but not against someone with a valid certificate.  This needs to be addressed. 

Public Comment:  M.J. from MIACCA reiterated the importance of the State to utilize the resources of the various boards, such as this one to be included in the initial rules changes before allowing it to be made public.  She thanked Keith Lambert for his willingness to see that this takes place in the future and for his clarification on why they did not enforce more complaints last year.

Closed Session:  The board closed the meeting to the public to discuss legal issues with their counsel.

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