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MPSC VAPS Collaborative Meeting Discusses Data Transfer

04/19/2019 9:12 AM | Anonymous

Last month MPSC held a collaborative meeting in Lansing to discuss the possibility of a website providing information as to how to retrieve information regarding the new Value Added Program (VAPS).

The website's goal is simply information. "If you are a utility and the law says you must provide information to all of your competitors, you may not know who they are; this website will be designed to level the playing field in making an informed request by providing all of the needed information," said Director Bill Stosik.

Why MPSC is envisioning each utility having a website of its own in which a user can make a request - basically a way to have easy access to all pertinent information - although no conclusion was made as to the implementation of the site and whether it should be hosted by each utility.

Other topics regarded the level of security needed and the timelines for such an implementation. Essentially, the issue will be how the data is transferred from one entity to another entity and if the recipient has an acceptable level of Information Technology security in place to satisfy the security policy of the sender (utility).

The meeting adjourned stating that it will try to get a report within a couple of weeks though MPSC was not sure what will happen after the report is submitted or how long before a response will be made regarding the access to the VAPS information.

MIACCA on behalf of our members has submitted the following comments to the MPSC for their consideration: Click Here to read MIACCA's comments 

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