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Complimentary ACCA Webinar - The HVAC Design Series for Heat Pumps

05/21/2024 10:09 AM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

The HVAC Design Series for Heat Pumps

May 29 at 12PM ET

In this free ACCA webinar, we will go over the ACCA design series manuals from start to finish and how they apply to heat pumps. This will be a fundamental overview to explain:

  • How we use math to determine the heat gain and heat loss
  • How to select equipment
  • How to pick supply outlet coverings and return grilles
  • How to determine what size the airways we will need to be for proper distribution

The design series for heat pumps is nothing more than doing a little detective work and applying basic math to achieve predictable results. Predictability is what this is all about. If you know specifically what the system can do, you can manage the end user's expectations well.


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