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CCC Decides to Take No Action to Prescribe a Statewide Permit Form

01/28/2022 2:22 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

CCC Decides to Take No Action to Prescribe a Statewide Permit Form

At the October 20, 2021, Construction Code Commission (CCC) meeting, a motion was made to table the statewide permit forms until they reviewed the findings from the Attorney General regarding their statutory obligation that the application for a permit "shall be on a form prescribed by the commission".    

Executive Director M.J. D'Smith attended the January 26, 2022 meeting, where the CCC went into a closed session to discuss MCL 125.1510(1) with the Attorney General.  When they re-opened the meeting, it was determined, that despite the consistency the permit forms would give to contractors and the public, enforcement issues in handling enforcing agencies who do not comply in using the CCC prescribed permit form was one of the main factor in deciding not to take action at this time.  This means that the CCC will continue to not follow the law and allow the Bureau of Construction Codes and other enforcing agencies to use whatever permit forms they like.

As you know, MIACCA has been the force behind getting enforcing agencies to follow the law as it is written and has actively advocated for CCC prescribed permit forms for years.  We are disappointed that the CCC decided not to follow the plain meaning of the law and prescribe the permit form to be used by all enforcing agencies.  We will be looking into other avenues to hopefully succeed in getting the Bureau of Construction Codes and all enforcing agencies to use permit forms that are prescribed by the CCC.

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