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The Future of Refrigerants

11/18/2021 4:48 PM | M.J. D'Smith (Administrator)

The Future of Refrigerants

On October 28th, Andrew Greaves of NAVAC joined Service Nation 101 to share an overview of tools and refrigerants and the future for the HVAC technician.

This webinar tackles:

• Refrigerant classifications; the designators and what they mean

• EPA changes and guidelines for the HVAC industry over the next few years

• HFC's and the scheduled phaseouts over the next few years

• How these changes will impact the HVAC technician, including service and installation practices and the tools that support them

Andrew Greaves is the Director of Education & Customer Experience at Navac. He oversees NAVAC's tools and services education curriculum, which is conducted both online and in-person. As a former Marine, Mr. Greaves is a KY Master Licensed HVAC Mechanic with extensive experience in the HVAC service industry.

Learn what the future holds for refrigerants and the technicians who work on them with Service Nation 101 and NAVAC!

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