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     Michigan Legislative
Regulatory Update

MIACCA asks Michigan Court of Appeals to apply the Michigan Residential Code (MRC) uniformly throughout the State.

On May 31, 2018, attorneys James Bruinsma and Kathleen Bruinsma of McShane & Bowie P.L.C., filed a great brief on behalf of MIACCA pointing out that the Single State Construction Code Act (SSCCA) requires that the MRC must be applied uniformly throughout the state and that local inspectors are not authorized to add or go beyond the code.  MIACCA’s brief also pointed out that SSCCA requires that both the local construction board of appeals and the Construction Code Commission must timely hear all appeals within 30 days, and that the Bureau of Construction Codes cannot delay an appeal with administrative procedures.

The Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) is proposing new Skilled Trades Regulation Act (STRA) Rules

In an effort to administer the STRA, the BCC has proposed its STRA ruleset, and the BCC is seeking input for the following rule sets: Board of Boiler Rules/Code, Board of Mechanical Rules, Building Officials, Plan Reviewers and Inspectors Rules, Electrical Administrative Board General Rules, and State Plumbing Board Licenses Rules. Proposals for this ruleset must be submitted to by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 8, 2018. MIACCA will be submitting its proposals.

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to hold public hearing on new Code of Conduct Rules.

As part of its Code of Conduct / Value Added Programs initiative in accordance with MCL 460.10ee, the MPSC in docket number U-18361 set the public hearing and comment period on the proposed code of conduct ruleset for Friday, June 15 at 9 am at the MPSC office located at 7109 W. Saginaw Hwy., Lansing, Michigan.  MIACCA will be submitting testimony supporting a code of conduct that include measures to prevent cross-subsidization, preferential treatment, and, information sharing between a utility's regulated and unregulated programs and services.

Violating a rule of conduct for an occupation is a violation of the STRA

Sec. 607(c) of the STRA states that a person that “violates a rule of conduct of an occupation” is subject to the penalties described in Sec. 603 of the STRA.   But what is a “rule of conduct of an occupation”?  Arguably any of the Michigan codes, which are promulgated rules, could be cited as rule of conduct.  Especially when those codes contain wording such as Sec. 108.1 of the 2015 Michigan Mechanical Code: “UNLAWFUL ACTS.  It shall be unlawful for a person, firm or corporation to erect, construct, alter, repair, remove, demolish or utilize a mechanical system, or cause same to be done, in conflict with or in violation of any of the provisions of this code.”  Therefore it is important that work must be done to the minimum standards stated in the code.

MIACCA Supports Mandatory Code Advisory Committees

MIACCA supported House Bill 5376 H-1 at the House Regulatory Reform Committee. HB 5376 H-1 would amend the Stille-DeRossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act to require the director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), before promulgation of a new edition of a building trades code, to appoint an advisory committee for each building trade. The bill would also, among other things, prescribe the membership of each trade’s advisory committee, prescribe the duties of the advisory committees, require a meeting of an advisory committee to be posted online, and require a report of the advisory committee’s recommendations.

MIACCA Supports the “Going Pro Talent Fund Act”.

MIACCA supported SB 946 - Going Pro Talent Fund Act at the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee. The purpose of the program would be to provide competitive awards to qualified employers for workforce training, including talent enhancement, increasing worker productivity, development of workforce skills, leadership and management training, and worker retention.  SB 946 with substitute H-1 is now heading to the House floor for a vote.

HVAC Marketing Tips to
Grow Your Business

Growing your HVAC business doesn’t have to be rocket science. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. The adage of “working smarter, not harder” is applicable to marketing, whether you’re trying to attract new customers or get referrals from happy ones. Applying a good marketing mix is healthy to ensure you cover how different customers consume information via digital and traditional advertising. Below we outline 5 channels to promote your HVAC business to new audiences.

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‘Food Everywhere’
Trend Brings
Operational Concerns

Grocery and restaurant chains build their reputations on their ability to consistently deliver the fresh, premium quality foods that consumers demand. In recent years, a new food-related phenomenon has emerged: The prevalence of made-to-order food offerings is permeating every corner of the retail market.

This “food everywhere” trend brings with it some key oper­ational considerations. Participating retailers must have the infrastructure in place to preserve food quality, lest they may face the consequences of a tarnished reputation and associated regulatory complications. And while many retailers are publicly stating corporate sustainability objectives as part of their brands, extending these principles to all facets of their operations can be challenging.

The increasing utilization of technology is helping retailers address these challenges and meet these objectives. New electronic facility supervisory systems offer an internet of things (IOT) approach to everything from automated temperature monitoring to controls that ensure a comfortable store environment.

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What Will Maintenance
Agreements Do for My Company?

First of all, a well-run Maintenance Agreement Program can become your most reliable income stream. Once implemented, a good Maintenance Agreement Program can help grow the value of the company by 500% to 800%! That’s because it’s “money in the bank” instead of, “if the weather holds out and nobody quits, hopefully we’ll do ‘$X’ volume next season.”

However, the company that manages a Maintenance Agreement Program can quantifiably say, “We’ve got 2200 Maintenance Agree­ments at $159 each for $350,000 in service, which at two services a year means $175,000 next ‘slow’ season. Plus, with a schedule to sell another 1000 tune-ups, we can easily add another 300 Mainte­nance Agreements for an additional $48,000 reliably scheduled in. All of these will add to our replacement and referral sales.”

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Message from 


Bill Krestakos

Hello MIACCA Members:  The heat is on and I know how busy you all have been helping people get their cool on!  With the warmer weather in place, it is important to stay safe in the heat out there.  Please see the Federated Insurance article "The Temperature is Rising" below for important safety tips for you and your crew.

As you know, MIACCA has now contracted with M.J.'s firm, Professional Resource Association Firm to include her services, along with our new, part-time Communications Director, Cameron Baker, to assist MIACCA in growing our membership, improving our communications and events, along with making sure you are getting the most out of your benefits.  Be on the look out for his calls.

I would like to request if any of you are interested in becoming more active on a board or committee level, to please contact M.J. at to express your interest.  We are always on the lookout for members who want to get more active.

Father's Day!

June 17th

Product Spotlight

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Refrigerant 101

This postcard is a condensed version of our Summer HVAC 2018 newsletter featuring an article titled 'Refrigerants 101' that will inform your customers on the basics of the refrigerants used for their air conditioning! 

'Refrigerants 101' article 

Baked Squash Chips with a Teriyaki Aioli Sauce Recipe and a coupon for your customers

Go to our Download Center and search “Postcard.”  Personalize it, make any additional edits, and it’s ready to go.

If you have questions about this or other content in our Download Center, please email

The Temperature is Rising

This is the time of year we look forward to warmer temperatures, and the sun responds with heating up our day. 

Those who were laid off for the winter look forward to getting back to work. In other areas, the jackets come off and they enjoy a warmer day. 

Eventually it gets hot and humid, and that is when it can become dangerous. In 2016 alone, 39 workers died and 3,310 were injured from 
environmental heat exposure.

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Coffee With MIOSHA Logo

MIOSHA and the Michigan Safety Conference invite employers and employees to share a cup of coffee and learn about the importance of workplace safety and health.

The 'Coffee With MIOSHA' events provide an informal opportunity for employers and employees to meet with MIOSHA representatives (Consultative, Enforcement and Radiation) to ask questions, obtain information on program services and resources, learn about the MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) opportunities, and establish rapport.

WHO: All Michigan employers and employees. After an overview of the MIOSHA program, there is a keynote topic on aging in the workforce.

WHAT: Coffee With MIOSHA

WHEN: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Best Western-Okemos (Stadium Room)
2209 University Park Drive
Okemos, MI 48864

COST: Free

RSVP: Please email or call 517-203-0737.